small business features


Hey guys, I’m Jess. Welcome to my blog! So I’m just going to tell you all a bit about myself and what I plan on doing here. I’m pretty new to this, so it’s all a learning experience.

Well first of all I’m a stay at home mom of two kiddos. My is 9 years old and the sassiest diva around, she is my light, my sparkle and definitely my superstar! A is my little man, he’s 3 months old and brand new, he likes to help make the bed and play peekaboo. And Z is my biggest baby hubby, he’s definitely my tall dark and handsome. As for me, I have a creative mind that never really stops. I love sit and knit or crochet while watching supernatural reruns, I have a small garden that I’m pretty darn proud of, and I can make a baked spaghetti that’ll make your mouth water. Our little family calls a small tourist town in western North Carolina home, we love it here in these beautiful mountains.

Now, what am I doing here, you ask? Well do you own a small business? Your very own Etsy or shopify store? Would you like some help advertising? Or maybe your on the other side? You love, love love shopping and prefer to buy local or from the mom and pops stores. (Me too) Well I’d like to get you two together! I’m a matchmaker at heart!

Every week I’ll be featuring a small business her on the blog. Promoting their products and/or services, and even interviewing the owners so we can see behind the curtain.

I so look forward to getting to know all of you, and I’m a sucker for feedback! Seriously guys talk to me!



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